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3M - #218 Fine Line Tape 1/2" x 60 yd.
This specially extruded matte finish green polypropylene tape provides the finest color line separation available because of its thinness. Stretches easily for smooth curves, yet tears easily by hand. Excellent solvent and moisture resistance. Allows tap
MMM02120004699 #218 Fine Line Tape 3/4" x 60 yd.
MMM02120004700 #218 Fine Line Tape 1" x 60 yd.
MMM02120006301 #218 Fine Line Tape 1/4" x 60 yd.

3M - #225 Weath Res. Masking Tape
The silver colored coating on the backing of this crepe paper tape reflects ultraviolet (U.V.) light to provide weather resistance for up to a month. Prevents slivering and adhesive transfer during unmasking.

3M - #2040 Masking Tape 18mm x 55m
A professional painters grade masking tape that gives good protection yet removes cleanly and easily. Not for extended outdoor use.

3M - #2040 Masking Tape 24mm x 55m
A professional painters grade masking tape that gives good protection yet removes cleanly and easily. Not for extended outdoor use.

3M - 3M #2040 Masking Tape
A professional painters grade masking tape that gives good protection yet removes cleanly and easily. Not for extended outdoor use.

3M - Medium Duty Non Skid Tape 2"
Medium Grade Resilient Slip Resistant Surfacing is a high-friction resilient textured material. The product consists of a dimensionally stable plastic film coated with a textured resilient surface.
MMM04801119321 Medium Duty Non Skid Tape 1"
MMM04801119322 Medium Duty Non Skid Tape 4"
MMM04801119323 Medium Duty Non Skid Tape 2"
MMM04801119324 Medium Duty Non Skid Tape 6"

3M - Scotch Super 88 Vinyl Plastic Tape
An 8.5 mil vinyl tape recommended for cold weather applications when conentional plastic tapes become brittle and stiff. Extra thickness provides increased abrasion resistance. UL listed.

3M - Dual Lock Reclosable Fastening System
3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastening System offers advanced closure alternatives to zippers, screws, snaps, hooks, bolts and more. They are often better than conventional closure methods because they offer greater design flexibility, faster product assembly.

3M - Pre-Taped Masking Film 24" x 30 yd.
3M 06696 Pre-Taped Masking Film 24" x 30 yd is a convenient, pre-taped plastic film which unfolds to cover and protect various surfaces while painting. Specially treated film clings to surfaces and is easy to clean up.
MMM06697 Pre-Taped Masking Film 35" x 25 yd.

3M - Scotchblok Masking Paper 9 " x 180 ft.
MMM06732 Scotchblok Masking Paper 12" x 180 ft.

3M - #2090 Long Mask Masking Tape 3/4"
Scotch Long-Mask Masking Tape - No. 2090 utilizes a synthetic adhesive system which provides ultraviolet (U.V.) stability and adhesive transfer resistance up to seven days after application.
MMM06818 #2090 Long Mask Masking Tape 1"
MMM06819 #2090 Long Mask Masking Tape 1-1/2"
MMM06820 #2090 Long Mask Masking Tape 2"

3M - Hand-Masker Masking Film Rolls MF24
3M Hand-Masker Pre-Folded Masking Film Rolls are a high-density, non-porous film specially designed for paint masking and paint overspray protection. The 9" x 100 ft. roll folds down to 72" width and 12" x 100 ft. roll folds down to 99" width to offer p
MMM06848 Hand-Masker Masking Film Rolls MF48

3M - Highland Cloth Duct Tape
Highland Cloth Duct Tape is a general purpose cloth duct tape designed for non-critical applications such as sealing, bundling, holding, and various miscellaneous applications.

3M - Scotch 35 Vinyl Electrical Tape - Red
3M 10810 Vinyl electrical tape is the electricians safety tool in a roll. Use it for phase identification, marking of motor leads and piping systems and for outlining safety areas. Also used as a rigging tape. Red.
MMM10828 Scotch 35 Vinyl Electrical Tape - White
MMM10836 Scotch 35 Vinyl Electrical Tape - Blue
MMM10851 Scotch 35 Vinyl Electrical Tape - Green

3M - Scotchkote Electrical Coating 15 oz.
This fast-drying coating provides extra protection to splices where moisture, oil and corrosive conditions can cause problems. Helps prevent cable and connector damage due to corrosive vapors from battery outgassing.

3M - #233+ Paint Masking Tape 3/4"
This highly conformable tape provides outstanding paint lines. It consistently performs under a variety of climactic conditions.
MMM26336 #233+ Paint Masking Tape 1"
MMM26338 #233+ Paint Masking Tape 1-1/2"
MMM26340 #233+ Paint Masking Tape 2"
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