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Buck Algonquin



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Buck Algonquin - 00150PBN Nut Only
  • Nut Only
BKA00150PBS 00150PBN Spud Only

Buck Algonquin - ASC200LP Ball Type Seacock 2"
The Buck Algonquin 00ASC200LP Ball Type Seacock features a low profile, full flow, drain plug and grounding screw.
  • Bronze body
  • Hard chromed bronze ball
  • Vinyl coated stainless steel handle
  • UL Labeled
  • 2" NPT size

Bosworth - Sea-Lect Y Valve 1 inch
The Bosworth 94 Y valve has one inch end connection. Wide selection of options to make your installtion quick and trouble free
  • First true Y valve with full port opening
  • I inch ID
BOSBM95 Sea-Lect Y Valve 1-1/2 inch Base Mt.
BOSM95 Sea-Lect Y Valve 1-1/2 inch Flush Mt.

Groco - 3/4" Straight Seacock System
This Groco Seacock System contains a 3/4" bronze ball-type seacock, thru-hull, and straight standard flow pipe-to-hose adapter.
  • 3/4" pipe size
  • Straight hose adapter
GRO6261500 1-1/2" Straight Seacock System

Groco - 3/4" 90 Degree Seacock System
This Groco Seacock System contains a 3/4" bronze ball-type seacock, thru-hull, and 90 degree standard flow pipe-to-hose adapter.
  • 3/4" pipe size
  • 90 degree hose adapter
GRO6271500 1-1/2" 90 Degree Seacock System

Groco - 1" Full Flow Seacock BV1000
Groco Full Flow Seacock. Handle has square hole to accept standard ratchet. Helps in reaching hard to reach valves and eases actuation of difficult to operate valves.
  • Full pipe-size flow
  • Flanged bronze valve body
  • Stainless steel ball and stem
GROBV1250 1-1/4" Full Flow Seacock BV1250
GROBV1500 1-1/2" Full Flow Seacock BV1500
GROBV2000 2" Full Flow Seacock BV2000
GROBV2500 2-1/2" Full Flow Seacock BV2500
GROBV3000 3" Full Flow Seacock BV3000
GROBV750 3/4" Full Flow Seacock BV750

Groco - 1" Ball Valve/Strainer Combo
Combination Groco ball valve and strainer. Just one component to install and just one bilge location to crawl into for winterization and maintenance.
  • Square hole in handle accepts standard ratchet
  • Space saving design
  • No inside tie rods
  • Strainer has screw on/off cap
GROBVS1250 1-1/4" Ball Valve/Strainer Combo
GROBVS1500 1-1/2" Ball Valve/Strainer Combo

Groco - Service Kit for BVS1000

Groco - Check Valve, 1/4" Switch Port

Groco - 1-1/4" Seacock w/1" Side Port

Groco - 1-1/2" Seacock w/1-1/4" Side Port

Groco - SBV-2000 w/1-1/2" NPT Side Port

Groco - Seacock/Strainer Service Kit

Groco - 3/4" Engine Flush Kit

Groco - 1-1/2" STR Tail Pipe

Groco - Bronze 1" NPS-90 X 1" Hose Tail PC
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