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Groco - 3/4" Straight Seacock System
This Groco Seacock System contains a 3/4" bronze ball-type seacock, thru-hull, and straight standard flow pipe-to-hose adapter.
  • 3/4" pipe size
  • Straight hose adapter
GRO6261500 1-1/2" Straight Seacock System

Groco - 3/4" 90 Degree Seacock System
This Groco Seacock System contains a 3/4" bronze ball-type seacock, thru-hull, and 90 degree standard flow pipe-to-hose adapter.
  • 3/4" pipe size
  • 90 degree hose adapter
GRO6271500 1-1/2" 90 Degree Seacock System

Groco - Fresh Water Pressure Switch

Groco - Water Strainer Service Kit - ARG500/ARG750
This Raw Water Strainer Service Kit is for the ARG-500 and ARG750 water strainers. It includes Sight Glass O-Ring, Cap O-Ring, O-Ring and Washer.
GROARG2 Water Strainer Service Kit - ARG1000/1250
GROARG3 Water Strainer Service Kit - ARG1500/2000/2500/3000

Groco - 1" Monel Raw Water Strainer ARG1000
The Groco ARG-1000 raw water strainer is an industry standard. This model features bronze cap, one-piece molded sight glass, and Monel basket.
  • #304 stainless steel filter basket standard, non-metallic or Monel baskets available
  • Mounting hardware included
GROARG1000S 1" Stainless Raw Water Strainer ARG1000S
GROARG1250 1-1/4" Monel Raw Water Strainer ARG1250
GROARG1250S 1-1/4" Stainless Raw Water Strainer ARG1250S
GROARG1500 1-1/2" Monel Raw Water Strainer ARG1500
GROARG1500S 1-1/2" Stainless Raw Water Strainer ARG1500S
GROARG2000 2" Monel Raw Water Strainer ARG2000
GROARG2000S 2" Stainless Raw Water Strainer ARG2000S
GROARG3000 3" Monel Raw Water Strainer ARG3000
GROARG3000S 3" Stainless Raw Water Strainer ARG3000S
GROARG500 1/2" Monel Raw Water Strainer ARG500
GROARG500S 1/2" Stainless Raw Water Strainer ARG500S
GROARG750 3/4" Monel Raw Water Strainer ARG750
GROARG750S 3/4" Stainless Raw Water Strainer ARG750S

Groco - Sight Glass for ARG1000
Replacement Sight Glass for Groco ARG Series Water Strainer.
GROARG1253 Sight Glass for ARG1250
GROARG1503 Sight Glass for ARG1500
GROARG2003 Sight Glass for ARG2000
GROARG753 Sight Glass for ARG750

Groco - Drain Wingnut & O-Ring

Groco - 1" Bronze Bilge Strainer BS1000
BS Series strainers provide coarse filtration and prevent large debris in the bilge from entering bilge pumps. The NPT thread size is for use with straight or 90 degree bronze pipe to hose adaptors.
GROBS1250 1-1/4" Bronze Bilge Strainer BS1250
GROBS1500 1-1/2" Bronze Bilge Strainer BS1500
GROBS750 3/4" Bronze Bilge Strainer BS750

Groco - 1" Full Flow Seacock BV1000
Groco Full Flow Seacock. Handle has square hole to accept standard ratchet. Helps in reaching hard to reach valves and eases actuation of difficult to operate valves.
  • Full pipe-size flow
  • Flanged bronze valve body
  • Stainless steel ball and stem
GROBV1250 1-1/4" Full Flow Seacock BV1250
GROBV1500 1-1/2" Full Flow Seacock BV1500
GROBV2000 2" Full Flow Seacock BV2000
GROBV2500 2-1/2" Full Flow Seacock BV2500
GROBV3000 3" Full Flow Seacock BV3000
GROBV750 3/4" Full Flow Seacock BV750

Groco - 1" Ball Valve/Strainer Combo
Combination Groco ball valve and strainer. Just one component to install and just one bilge location to crawl into for winterization and maintenance.
  • Square hole in handle accepts standard ratchet
  • Space saving design
  • No inside tie rods
  • Strainer has screw on/off cap
GROBVS1250 1-1/4" Ball Valve/Strainer Combo
GROBVS1500 1-1/2" Ball Valve/Strainer Combo

Groco - Service Kit for BVS1000

Groco - 12V C60 Deck Wash Kit
The Groco C-60 deck wash kits deliver flow and pressure on demand for tough anchor wash and deck wash jobs.
  • Saltwater nozzle included
  • Up to 6.5GPM in the 20-40 PSI range
  • Continuous duty shaft seal

Groco - 12V C80 Heavy Duty Deck Wash Kit
The Groco C-80 deck wash kits deliver flow and pressure on demand for tough anchor wash and deck wash jobs.
  • Saltwater nozzle included
  • Up to 7.5GPM in the 20-40 PSI range
  • Continuous duty shaft seal
  • C-80 has replaceable motor brushes

Groco - 12V Oil Change System
Maintaining proper oil level or conducting a complete oil change is fast and easy with this Groco Oil Change system.
  • Systems use heavy-duty vane pumps
  • 60-series is for yachts with combined oil capacity less than 30 quarts
  • Pumps include over pressure-relief system

Groco - EB Master Toilet/Head Repair Kit
Master Repair Kit for Groco marine EB toilet/head.

Groco - Hose Adapter 1" NPT x 1-1/4" ID
Pumps and engines run quieter and with greater efficiency when an unrestricted full flow of water is provided by Groco full-flow fittings and hose.
GROFF1250 Hose Adaptor 1-1/4" NPT X 1-1/2" ID
GROFF1500 Hose Adaptor 1-1/2" NPT X 1-3/4" ID
GROFF2000 Hose Adaptor 2" NPT X 2-1/4" ID
GROFF2500 Hose Adaptor 2-1/2" NPT X 2-3/4" ID
GROFF3000 Hose Adaptor 3" NPT X 3-1/2" ID
GROFF500 Hose Adaptor 1/2" NPT X 3/4" ID
GROFF750 Hose Adaptor 3/4" NPT X 1" ID
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